Super Mario Maker, which was released exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii U console on September 10, has been a hit, giving hours of creative fun to Nintendo fans all over the world. There are tons of secrets and extras to be unlocked, and we wanted to show off a really cool one that takes Nintendo’s newest IP back in time into the retro Mario world. Read on to see Mario transformed into an Inkling from Splatoon!

In Super Mario Maker, you’re not limited just to playing as Mario! Although they’re technically called “costumes”, you can transform Mario into Costume Mario by eating a Mystery Mushroom, and then play as all your other favourite Nintendo characters such as Yoshi, Kirby, and Peach, as well as other less well-known faces such as… a Mahjong Tile and the Wii Balance Board?! As well as a new pixellated figure, you also get different sounds and voice effects, along with a special animation if you press the up button. There are over 100 costumes which you can check out here on this wiki.

So how do you access them? You can unlock a random costume by beating the 100 Mario Challenge mode, or get specific ones by purchasing the corresponding amiibo, those plastic DLC figures that brought DLC into the real world. People already can’t get enough of amiibos, and this is surely only going to boost their sales even further; as much as fans might moan about manufactured scarcity and so on, that doesn’t seem to stop them shelling out crazy amounts of money to complete their collections of the cute little figures.

Out of the huge array of unlockable character outfits, we particularly love the two Splatoon costumes, which bring both a boy and a girl version of the colourful Inkling characters into the Mario world. Check out the video below to see the orange Inkling girl running around the screen, transforming into squid mode, and readying her Splattershot.

▼ You’re a Mario now!


▼ You’re a kid now!


▼ You’re a squid now!


▼ Splattershot at the ready.


▼ Become a squid whenever you’re crouching or underwater.


Have you been playing or creating any crazy levels in Super Mario Maker this week? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Jin115
Images: Official Nintendo channel on YouTube h/t Jin115
Video: Official Nintendo channel on YouTube