Imagine you’re out and about, strolling around town, when suddenly you come upon one of your fellow citizens sprawled out on the sidewalk. Granted, the fact that it’s not a human, but a cat, would make the situation a little less alarming, but still, you’d be worried right?

That’s how one Japanese Twitter user felt, but it turned out the kitty wasn’t just OK, but adorable too.

Junichi Suwabe, who also goes by @MY_MURMUR on Twitter, was concerned when he encountered this cat on the pavement.

“Looks like someone’s collapsed!” he tweeted, followed by, “Hey, are you OK?”

The kind-hearted Sawabe decided to grasp the animal’s paw and check for a pulse. Thankfully, he found one right away…plus an affectionate new friend.

As we’ve seen before, sometimes it can be hard to tell if a cat is in actual distress or comfortably relaxing by visual means alone, and happily this time it was the latter. But while Sawabe’s tweet produced dozens of charmed responses of “Cute!” and “Kawaii,” bear in mind that while cute kitties can get away with this kind of behavior and trickery, human beings are advised to choose a location other than the middle of the sidewalk when taking a mid-afternoon nap or fishing for hugs.

Source: Hamusoku, Twitter/@MY_MURMUR