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There comes a time in your life when you realize it’s time to upgrade from the plastic trash bags, newspapers, or dirty T-shirts you’re too lazy to wash that you’ve taped over your windows to block out excess sunlight. Buying some actual curtains is a big step, but it can really help improve the look of your living space, plus marks you as a proper and full-fledged member of drapery-owning adult society.

And while you’re up there hanging those drapes, why not add a set of these adorable napping kitty curtain rail decorations?

Felissimo, the Japanese maker of cat-themed lingerie, kotatsu covers, and hand cream, is back again with this set of six feline interior accents for your home. Each measures 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) long and 12 to 15 centimeters tall.

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In addition to the napping American Shorthair above, there’re also a Munchkin…

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…Russian Blue…

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…Scottish Field (left), and Ragdoll (right) versions.

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As with many of Felissimo products, these curtain runner decorations are sold as a package deal. A different model will be shipped to customers once a month for six months, at a cost of 2,478 yen (US$20.80) per month, 69 of which will be donated to an animal welfare organization. While not knowing which kitty will be the first to grace your home is undoubtedly frustrating, we have a hunch that once you have one, you’ll want them all, so you can place your orders directly with Felissimo here.

Source, images: Felissimo/Kraso (edited by RocketNews24)