‘Tis the season to eat Pocky! Celebrate Pocky Day with these amusing (and tantalizing) tweets from Japan!

Of all the holidays all over the world, we’d have to say that Pocky and Pretz Day (usually shortened to just Pocky Day) may be our favorite. Observed each November 11 (or “11/11″—a date which is meant to resemble a bunch of the long, thin snacks standing in a row), Pocky Day is simple and delicious, and Twitter gets filled with awesome, and often hilarious, photos.

Here’s a selection of our favorite 2015 Pocky tweets, beginning with some of the sweet sticks in their natural habitat: scrunched between the pecs of muscular Japanese men!

“It’s after midnight. Today is Pocky and Pretz day. Last year, I held the Pocky straight up and down, but this year I’m raising the difficulty a bit, and just holding them at the tip.”




What’s that? You want more beefcake with your Pocky? Great! Here’s another muscleman happy to help out!




▼ And one more, for good measure!

Of course, we can’t let the men have all the fun…

▼ Hey, that’s cheating!

▼ “You mustn’t play with your food! LOL”


▼ How many Pocky can you fit in YOUR mouth?

Next, here are two latte artists who incorporated Pocky Day into their creations. We are definitely impressed!

▼ Even Google is getting in on the Pocky Day action!

These students went out and bought 1,111 boxes of Pocky for their classmates. We sure wish we’d gone to school with people this cool!

▼ Apparently the JSDF is testing a new weapons system today…

▼ “Breaking news! Pocky and Pretz are different length!”

▼ This cat is living the dream!

▼ Even Marutaro is celebrating!

▼ Pocky is the warrior’s smallest (but not least important) weapon.


▼ Hey, even bad guys can appreciate Pocky Day!

And what would Pocky Day be without some Pokémon illustrations?!

▼ Finally, here’s a Pocky guitar to play us out on!

We hope you have a great Pocky and Pretz Day!

Sources: ITMedia
Top image: Twitter/@su_u_, Twitter/@hedgehogdays, Twitter/@yasuhiroshida, Twitter/@monamona1919 (images edited by RocketNews24)