Video showing the making of new PlayStation game’s commercials goes behind the scenes, and under the water, of cosplay.

There’s plenty of reason to be excited about Exist Archive, the just-released PlayStation 4 and Vita title from publisher Spike Chunsoft. Not only is the side-scrolling RPG the latest creation of talented video game developer tri-Ace, it’s also the spiritual successor to the tragically underappreciated Valkyrie Profile series, which ran out of steam following the release of its third installment back in 2008.

And even if that isn’t enough to grab your attention, the game has a pair of captivatingly beautiful commercials that show off some amazing cosplay.

EA 1

EA 2

The above video features model Sana Hoshimori, dressed as the game’s Ranze. A separate commercial focuses on fellow adventurer Mayura, who’s portrayed by Michigan-born model Tiffany Haruka.

EA 3

EA 4

▼ Mayura and Ranze’s character illustrations

EA 5

Along with the ethereal background music, the performers’ silent gazes create an intoxicating, otherworldly atmosphere.

EA 6

That aura of mystery is a perfect fit for Exist Archive, since the game’s events are set in motion when its principal characters die and enter the afterlife. However, that’s not the reason neither Ranze nor Mayura utters a word in the videos. No, the reason they’re both so taciturn is because the commercials were shot underwater.

EA 7

EA 8

To achieve the levitation-like effect, both Hoshimori and Haruka stepped into a pool in full costume and makeup, where they were filmed by Manabu Koga, the photographer behind the photo collection of underwater schoolgirls we talked about last year. It wasn’t an easy process, as shown in this video that documents the making of the two commercials.

EA 9

EA 10

EA 11

As we’ve seen before, there’s a lot of work that goes into good cosplay, and this unusual location came with a number of challenges. Most obvious is the lack of oxygen, meaning that the commercials had to be filmed in short bursts of 40 seconds or so, after which the models had to return to the water’s surface for air.

▼ That stream of bubbles is telling the staff that Hoshimori’s time is just about up.

EA 12

Also, Ranze and Mayura don’t wear masks or goggles, which meant a similar lack of eye protection for the two performers. “I couldn’t see anything [while we were filming],” explains Hoshimori.

EA 13

Other complications included keeping their flowing costumes and hairstyles from floating around too much and blocking the shot, as well as the difficulty of moving around underwater while completely clothed.

▼ Footwear included

EA 14

EA 15

In the end, though, their hard work paid off in the form of two uniquely breathtaking videos, which remind us that even when promoting digital entertainment, a talented artist can still find a way to incorporate practical effects, and also that you can’t be afraid of getting a little wet in your pursuit of cosplay perfection.

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