Chinese zodiac

Starbucks’ Japanese New Year’s/Chinese zodiac drinkware line is full of fun and fortune【Pics】

Mice of the year, beckoning cats, and Shiba Inu are all here to wish us a happy 2020!

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Disney’s Japanese New Year’s plushies and figures are ready to make oshogatsu cuter than ever

Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and even Baymax turn into traditional symbols of good luck and the Chinese Zodiac to help ring in 2020.

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Adorable Japanese kitty cosplays as a primate to kick off the Year of the Cat-Monkey! 【Video】

Since there’s no spot for the cat in the Chinese zodiac, this Japanese kitty turned to some cute cosplay to get in on the Year of the Monkey fun.

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Watch monkeys spell “monkey” in the year of the monkey at the monkey center in Hyogo Prefecture!

Monkey see, monkey…spell?!

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Kit Kat celebrates the Year of the Monkey with special Chinese Zodiac packages

Japan loves sweets, cute animals, and seasonal celebrations, so this had to happen.

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Tokyo Station Newly Renovated to Its Former Splendor, But Where are the Remaining Four Zodiac Signs?

Tokyo Station, with its attractive red brick structure, is a place where eastern and western Japan come together.  People from all over the country and all over the world pass through Tokyo Station daily.  It is representative of the extensive Japanese railway system which branches out to all places in Japan.

Anybody passing through the station within the last few years probably couldn’t help but notice the sounds and wonder about what they were doing behind those walls.  After five years of this construction, renovations were finally completed on October 1st.  Tokyo Station has been restored to its original splendor from when it first opened 100 years ago. Read More