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Interactive ad gives you a chance to save Shinjuku, plus win cool prizes while you’re at it.

For a country with such low vandalism rates, Japanese marketers seem to have become somewhat enamored with the idea of letting people destroy their ads. In the past, video game publisher Square Enix has allowed passersby to dismantle and smush promotional posters for games in its hit Dragon Quest franchise, and now competitor Koei Tecmo has something along similar lines planned for its about-to-be-released Attack on Titan game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

On February 15, the company put up a 12-meter (39.4-foot) long, 2.4-meter-high poster for the upcoming game inside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, which is Japan’s busiest rail hub. Pictured in the mural-sized ad are 50 Titans, including such heavy hitters as the Colossal and Female Titans.

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Fans of the hit anime franchise might be happy to see them, but there’s really no place for the giants’ penchants for nudity and eating people in the orderly efficiency of the Japanese mass transit system. So while they’re getting a few days’ grace period, come February 18, it’ll be open season on the Titans, as anyone with a coin is welcome to come and scratch them to shreds as part of the “Reclaim Wall Shinjuku” event.

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The top layer of the poster is made of a lottery ticket-like scratch-off material. The satisfaction of protecting Tokyo isn’t the only reward for taking down the creatures, though. Underneath the Titans you’ll find quotes from the anime as well as drawings of the heroic Scout Corps members.

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Even better, there are 94 QR codes hidden behind the rampaging Titans. If you’re the first person to scan one of the codes, you’ll receive a free download of one of 30 different Attack on Titan smartphone wallpaper images.

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▼ We imagine the Levi and Mikasa wallpapers will be more popular than the Titan Who Eats Eren’s Mom one.

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The Titans can be found just inside the East Entrance gate of Shinjuku Station, circled in blue in the map below, along the wall marked in red.

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The hunt begins on February 18 at 10 a.m., and officially ends at 8 p.m. We imagine all of the Titans will be felled long before then, though, so if you want to take part in a little giant-slaying, set your alarm and grab some change.

Source: IT Media
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