Whoever said cats and their owners look alike could not have anticipated a closeness like this.

Unihabitat, who brought us the kotatsu for cats and vegetable-themed pet beds, has also been looking after pet owners with a range of cute jumpsuits and sweatshirts, complete with unique built-in cuddle pouches perfect for hands-free snuggling.


While last year’s introductory release of the Mewgaroo jumpsuit (branded the “Dameneko” in Japanese) was great for cat cuddles during the cold winter months, the only colours available were plain black or plain white. Now, the company has released two new, patterned jumpsuits in a lighter fabric.

▼ The new designs include “Tora” (left) for toraneko, or tabby cats, and “Mike” (right) for mikeneko, or calico cats.


▼ Featuring cute details on the tail, ears and paws of each jumpsuit, you’ll have to be careful your cat doesn’t mistake you for one of its own kind!


In addition to retaining the ingenious pouch design, which allows you to carry up to six-kilograms (13.2 pounds) of cute cat in a kangaroo-and-joey-style relationship, they’ve also retained the original jumpsuit’s zippered “toilet system”, which allows you to unzip and go while keeping kitty with you at all times.

▼ As your tail control may not be as developed as a true feline, you can simply clip it to the side to keep it out of the way.



While we’re not sure about the whole toilet system, the new jumpsuits look absolutely adorable with their unique patterns. Priced at 8,100 yen (US$71) plus postage, these are currently available online from Amazon or Rakuten.


Source, images: Unihabitat