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If you’re the doting owner of a dog or cat, odds are you think it feels pretty great when your animal companion saunters over for a snuggle. Still, there are times when you want to keep your hands free for other activities, like reading a book or surfing the Internet, and don’t want to have to worry about knocking your pet off your lap every time you shift in your seat or change your posture.

So even if your animal-loving heart only belongs to your kitty or pooch, consider taking a page from the kangaroo playbook with this hoodie that features an oversized pocket on the front perfect for letting your cat or dog cuddle up against you.

Unihabitat, the maker of vegetable-themed pet beds and kotatsu for cats, is back again with the Nyangaroo Parka, officially called the Mewgaroo Hoodie in English.

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Combining the cuteness of a cat with the functionality of a kangaroo, there’s a wedge-shaped pocket that sits at stomach height and gives your pet a place to curl up inside.

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▼ The Mewgaroo Hoodie in action

Obviously, that compartment is going to fill up with hair pretty quickly. Unihabitat has taken this into consideration, though, and designed the pocket with two layers, allowing you to unsnap the one that’s in direct contact with your pet in order to thoroughly clean it and remove any shedding.

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There’s actually quite a few clever ideas packed into the sweatshirt. Aside from the pet pocket, there’s a separate space to put your own hands, and the hood’s drawstrings have fluffy tips and are purposely extra-long to give you cat something to bat at while it relaxes in its fabric suite.

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Sadly, only the medium-size Mewgaroo Hoodie, shown above, has the cat-eared hood. Buyers of the large version, recommended for male customers, will be happy to know that it does at least include the cat paw-style cuffs with finger holes, just like the medium-size sweatshirt has.

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As a matter of fact, you might want to skip the cat ears if you’re buying the Mewgaroo Hoodie to enjoy with your pet dog, since smaller breeds seem to love the unique garment just as much as their feline counterparts.

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The Mewgaroo Hoodie goes on sale May 26 for 7,000 yen (US$59). It’s only available in gray, which might make it a little hard to coordinate with some of your outfits, but really, you’re not going to be paying much attention to the fabric when you’ve got this sort of view to look at.

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