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They’ll butcher the spelling of your name, and their drinks might not be especially good for you, but Japanese Starbucks employees have got your back…and your front.

A favorite way for many people to kick off their day is to get a little caffeine in their bloodstream. There are plenty of places you can go to grab a cup of morning joe, but one of the most popular in Japan is the U.S. coffee giant, Starbucks.

As a company that prides itself on good customer service, the employees have many tricks up their sleeves to brighten your day beyond simply serving up your cup of coffee or tea. In fact, for one Twitter user in Japan, a local Starbucks saved him from some real embarrassment.

▼ “Chaku aite masuyo ☺☺☺”/“Your fly is open ☺☺☺”

“Starbucks has been very nice to me recently.”

While it’s always a little awkward to tell someone to their face that their zipper is down, it’s pretty easy to send a message meant for only one person when you write it on their cup.

Sometimes you aren’t paying the extra money at Starbucks for a special blend of coffee—sometimes it’s so you can go to a place where you know the workers are looking out for you…

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@tetsuroooo