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In Japan, the customer is always king, even if he’s a horny one.

The concept of customer service in Japan extends all the way to how a customer’s items are packaged up. If you buy something at a clothing or electronics store, for example, after the clerk places your purchase in a bag he’ll tape the handles together, making it easier to hold, and if it’s raining he’ll slip a plastic cover over the whole thing to keep the contents dry.

But perhaps no company puts more effort into packaging than the Japanese division of online retailer Amazon. We’ve seen how the company comes up with unique solutions in delivering everything from persimmons to storage boxes, and its shipping department has outdone itself once again with the exemplary treatment it gave to a recent order from Japanese Twitter user @skull_igarashi.

See, like many Amazon shoppers, @skull_igarashi was looking for something he couldn’t find at his local bookstore. In his specific case, it happened to be certain specific skin mags and/or nude photo albums, and so he turned to Amazon for the purpose of procuring this particular pornography.

▼ Some guys have more rarefied tastes than the neighborhood convenience store caters to.

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However, he ran into a bit of a problem.

“It doesn’t really matter, but a while back I ordered some porno that they don’t sell at my local bookstore from Amazon, along with some shampoo. My family usually doesn’t show any interest when I get a package in the mail, but for some reason, just this once, they came up to me asking ‘What’s in the box?’ I told them it was shampoo, and then they said ‘I wanna see what kind. Open it up.’

It’s a little hard to tell your family members to mind their own business when you’re claiming to be in possession of nothing more scandalous than some hair grooming products, so @skull_igarashi now found himself in a serious bind.

“’Oh man now they’re gonna know all my darkest secrets!! How am I gonna get out of this? Think, think!’ I kept telling myself, but I couldn’t find any avenue of escape. Jesus!”

But it turned out that Amazon had been acting as his savior well before his moment of need.

“So I opened the box, and they’d packed the contents in layers like this:

A piece of cardboard
The books underneath”

Apparently the Amazon employee who’d been in charge of packing @skull_igarashi’s order was savvy enough to know that some people like to tack on something innocent to their pornography purchases, giving them some physical evidence they can show later to prove why they received a package in the mail. So instead of mixing the shampoo and books in together, he’d separated the two classes of items with a simple false bottom.

Needless to say, @skull_igarashi was extremely grateful.

“The porno was perfectly camouflaged. Amazon really does provide great service.”

It just goes to show that the online giant cares about all their customers, even the ones that need an outlet for their healthy urges.

Source: Jin
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