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Fan-made trailer for My Neighbor Totoro turns the magical family adventure into a frightfest.

Even though the disturbing rumors about the “real” story behind the famed Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro have been put to rest, it hasn’t stopped fans from re-imagining the film in a totally different light.

While this isn’t the first time fans have shown off a genre-swap for this much-loved animation, this particular trailer, uploaded by YouTuber Nobu Film, demonstrates the kind of atmosphere and mood you can achieve with the right music and a few filters.

Hand-picking just the right scenes that could be misinterpreted by viewers, the trailer changes the narrative from two girls who encounter a mythical creature to one of a giant grey monster that has a hunger for supple human flesh…

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Nobu hasn’t only changed this Studio Ghibli children’s classic into a terrifying thriller, but Spirited Away and Ponyo as well.

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My Neighbor Totoro and the rest will stand the test of time as classics, but if Studio Ghibli had made these versions instead, we’d still be lined up around the block to watch them.

Source: Twitter/@nobu_llllllllll
Top Image: YouTube/北の打ち達のぶ