You’ll never be late to save the day again!

So you’ve finally got your hands on one of the new Sailor Moon collaboration outfits, but what about accessories? Fortunately Gashapon’s got you covered with their latest line of Sailor Moon transformation brooch watches and communicator compacts.


Sailor Moon’s original brooch has been re-designed to represent all of the inner scouts, and each one includes a mirror and a removable clock. Just pop it out and the brooch instantly becomes a compact!


Only the Sailor Uranus and Neptune designs, based on their communicators from the original anime series, come without clocks. Unlike the others, they include a chain instead of a band so you can easily display them to your bag or anything else! Alternatively, it looks like you can turn it into a timepiece by attaching one of the inner scout clocks.

Each Gashapon retails for 400 yen (US$3.55), and is scheduled to hit capsule machines in July. Be sure to get your hands on your favorite scouts before they run out!

Source: Nijimen
Feature/insert images: Sailor Moon Anniversary 20th Anniversary Official Site