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Marine wildlife volunteers cleverly fight garbage with garbage in order to successfully rescue this trapped porcupine fish.

A cute-looking porcupine fish couple were enjoying a swim date when one happened to get stuck in what appears to have been a discarded net. Luckily for the little guy, however, the volunteers from Core Sea, a South East Asian marine life conservation and research volunteer group, were immediately on the scene and helped free him from a slow, painful death by using pieces of a broken bottle nearby to cut the net.

Even though the trapped fish gets a little impatient throughout the ordeal, going so far as to show his quills, the volunteer doing the cutting is amazingly unperturbed, despite how some species can carry poison that’s many times more lethal than cyanide.

It’s all seems worth it in the end though, when the porcupine fish couple are happily reunited and swim away together, leaving with a strange sound that we’d like to think means “thanks”.

For those that are curious to find out more on what you can do to protect marine life, be sure to check out Core Sea’s YouTube channel, and if you like what they’re doing, consider becoming a volunteer yourself.

Source: YouTube/CoreSea
Feature/top image: YouTube/CoreSea