Our mouths are watering just looking at ’em.

If you’re the kind of person who indulges in a genuine beefcake on your birthday, or if seeing girls get their chow on with huge slabs of red meat drives you crazy, then you might be the kind of person Japan’s Village Vanguard had in mind when they rolled out with this thick-cut meat backpack.

Made out of soft velour fabric, its round shape resembles a raw cut of steak, with adjustable straps and a pocket inside to carry around everything you need for the day, or if used as an eco-bag at the supermarket, actual meat.

It’s already one of Village Vanguard’s top 50 best-sellers, and it’s easy to see why with how amazingly sturdy, stylish, and comfortable it looks for just 2,160 yen (US$19.44).

Still, if 100% all-beef patties are more your thing, may we suggest this hamburger backpack from the wonderfully named Steven Universe instead? If you happen to be a Caucasian foreigner living in Japan who isn’t stereotyped often enough as being American, we guarantee this will remedy that.

You can pick up the meat backpack on Village Vanguard’s website here, or pre-order the hamburger backpack on Cartoon Network’s website, scheduled to begin shipping out from July 5.

Either one is sure to make you the life of the party at your next summer BBQ, or in the very least, make for an interesting conversation-starter.

Source: Twitter/vgvd, Twitter/@ReviewOrDie
Feature/top image: Village Vanguard,  Cartoon Network, edited by RocketNews24