Maybe they should sell these things in the pet supply section instead of the beauty products corner?

As we’ve talked about before, many women in Japan are keen on the idea of having a kogao, literally a “small face.” According to kogao fans, a daintily sized and shaped cranium is a surefire shortcut to true beauty, and some don’t stop at just creative cosmetics use to achieve the illusion of having a kogao. Some women actually go out and buy a special rolling massager designed to physically reshape their facial proportions.

These gadgets are, of course, not actually able to do anything of the sort. But apparently they’re not totally useless, because Japanese Twitter user @amurubot has found one thing they’re great for: keeping this cat comfy and relaxed.

The star of the video is @amurubot’s American shorthair, named Amu. While kogao massagers are predominantly purchased and used by women, the four-year-old male Amu seems to be quite fond of his.

As much as he looks to be enjoying the experience, we still doubt that the massage has Amu any closer to the kogao it promises. But then again, given that he already looks like this…

…we’d say that he’s plenty cute just as he is.

Following Casey on Twitter can’t be any less effective at helping you achieve kogao than a face massager.

Source: Twitter/@amurubot