Can these masks give you Japan’s kogao “small-face” ideal? Let’s find out!【Experiment】

Our team tries to achieve the Japanese beauty goal.

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Adorable Japanese kitty is having the time of his nine lives with this face massager 【Video】

Maybe they should sell these things in the pet supply section instead of the beauty products corner?

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Mobile purikura comes to your phone with new face-slimming lens

Beauty ideals can be strange things. In Japan, the concept of hattoushin, a perfect 1:8 head-to-body ratio and the idealisation of kogao, or small face, reign supreme.

This obsession with creating a slim face has brought about some weird and wacky contraptions. If you don’t have time to stick to a routine that includes face rollers, cheek-lifting masks and facial exercises, there’s now a quick fix at hand: a lens that slips over your phone camera to give you that kogao look.

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