frozen senbei top

“No Elsa! Please don’t ‘let it go’ all over my dress!”

There’s no limit to the amount of crazy Frozen merchandise that can be produced. From color-changing bras to spinning techno tops to, uh, pregnant Anna iPhone games, it seems like people are still putting Frozen characters on whatever random thing they come up with and just hoping that it works.

But even some of the more normal Frozen merchandise can feel like it’s a little off. For example, take this senbei package that was recently posted by Japanese Twitter user @sauce_bolonaise:

“All I can see when I look at this is someone
holding her drunk friend and hailing a cab.”

To be fair, this is from the scene where Elsa heals Anna with her “true love” after accidentally freezing her. She’s not doubled over because she’s vomiting up one too many cocktails, but because she’s crying over her sister, who she thought was dead.

But at the same time, it’s an odd choice for a senbei package, to say the least. Why not just have the two sisters smiling? Why not have Olaf and Sven? Did they really say to themselves, “You know, that sad scene where one of the sisters is in tears and the other almost died would be perfect for our senbei,” and think that was a good idea?

No matter the reasoning behind the Frozen-spiration, here’s what Japanese netizens had to say:

“Yeah, I think I’ve seen that exact scene before like five times.”
“Back in the 80s, Anna would be holding out a 10,000-yen bill.”
“Having a drunk person on the package looking like they’re throwing up doesn’t make the senbei that appealing….”
“I can hear the conversation: ‘Come on! Just one more bar!’ ‘Ughhh, I think I drank too much….'”

Well, let’s just hope Ann and Elsa coming home drunk doesn’t lead to any more Frozen-related divorces….

Source/images: Twitter/@sauce_bolonaise