Pokémon lovers rejoice! There’s now a whole new way to celebrate your fandom with these Pikachu-themed lunch boxes now on sale in South Korea!

Dedicated fans of the Pokémon franchise and processed food items should book their plane tickets now for their chance to enjoy this uniquely adorable culinary experience, which is exclusive to locations of the well-known convenience store chain in South Korea.

That’s right, this totally-amazing Pikachu lunch box was sold starting from the first of December, just in time for hardcore Pokémon players to celebrate the recent release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, which came out in South Korea on November 18th, as it did in many other places in the world.

▼ Seriously, just look at this thing!


In addition to the obviously amazing Pikachu head-shaped breaded pork cutlet and white rice, the box comes packed with spaghetti, salad, pickled vegetables, and fried potato wedges. The best part? The whole thing will only set you back 3,900 won (about US$3.30)!

▼ The only thing that would be better is if it came in a Poké Ball.

We weren’t able to fly to Seoul to try one for ourselves, but Twitter user Call Me 1993 revealed an additional tidbit in a post celebrating the cute new lunchboxes, explaining that each lunch comes with a sticker. Additional research revealed that there are a total of ten “Pokémon Christmas” stickers, so if you’re an adult man like me, you can stick them all over your workspace in the office and impress your colleagues.

Some people people even “Pika-choose” to decorate the contents of their lunch box with little facial features made from condiments, thereby maximizing cuteness and flavor in one fell swoop.


Many of us have probably grown accustomed to reading about ways in which we celebrate our fandom by eating our favorite characters from different franchises. Still, there’s something unnerving to me about eating the face of a beloved character, especially one as cute as Pikachu. Apparently some people out there don’t have the same qualms about eating certain, delicious-looking Pokémon.

And for millions of Pokémon fans that don’t suffer from this weird hang-up, there couldn’t be a better way to enjoy a late-night session of the latest game than with a freshly-microwaved, Pikachu-themed lunch box.

Source: Minna no Keizan Shinbun
Featured image: Twitter/@callme1993