Cat Top

Enjoy a litter of cats in your milk with these eight adorable designs!

Ever since cup-clinging office lady figurine Koppu no Fuchiko came onto the novelty goods scene back in 2012, Japan has been flooded with all sorts of characters wanting to get into the nation’s drink glasses. We’ve seen R2-D2 and Darth Vader, Pikachu and even horror film stars Kayako and Toshio all vying for a sip of liquid refreshment, clinging to the sides of cups in some of the most strange and humorous ways. Now it’s time for the feline world to make their presence known on your glassware, and in true cat fashion, they’re ready to own your drink by plonking themselves all over it, in eight cute designs!


▼ First up, there are two adorable sleeping cats, cleverly using their tails to show off their balancing skills.


▼ These two cute kittens enjoy a good stretch while hanging on precariously with their claws.



▼ These exhausted felines enjoy a catnap while dipping their toes in your drink.



▼ And these playful kitties will hang inside your drink or just outside it, begging for your attention with those imploring eyes!


The cute cat series can be found at gacha capsule toy vending machines around the country. Priced at just 300 yen (about US$3.00) each, we’ll be feeding our coins into the machine until we get the whole cute collection!


Source, Images: KITAN CLUB