Japan’s most playful intimate apparel company looks back to the country’s roots in creating its latest offering.

In its advertising, Japanese intimate apparel maker Peach John has often asserted that “Lingerie is love jewelry,” speaking to the company’s philosophy that it should help create an alluring mood. So far, we’ve seen Peach John’s commitment to eye-catching design result in Sailor Moon and Pokémon lingerie, and now it’s drawing inspiration from something even more quintessentially Japanese with its new kimono bra set.


Featuring a flower motif on a field of crimson, reminiscent of the patterning on traditional kimono, the set includes not only a boldly styled bra and panties but also a robe that ties closed with a sash.


Rounding out the package, which can be ordered domestically from Peach John here for 5,480 yen (US$53), is an ornately decorated hairpin, which would make for a nice touch even in fully clothed fashion ensembles.


Granted, this lingerie set is quite a bit different from the sort of things women wore in Japan during the periods when people went about their business in kimono every day. But given that kimono have become more of a special-occasion garment in the present day, this could be just the thing to combine the contemporary and traditional, two forces that shape so much of Japanese aesthetics.

Source: Peach John
Images: Peach John (edited by RocketNews24)
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