With a love and a bite so strong, this cat won’t let obligations come between them.

Leaving for work in the morning can be tough, whether you like your job or not, but leaving when you have a snuggly four-legged friend at home makes it even harder.

But does your pet dread watching you walk out the front door each day, knowing you will be gone for what seems like a whole lifetime to them? Or do they savor the freedom and alone-time they get while their two-legged parent is away?

For Twitter-user and cat-parent @d1d2c3, the answer is clear:

▼No! You can’t leave me!


▼ I’ll never let you go!


@d1d2c3 writes: “Aaaack! This guy will stop at nothing to keep me from going to work.”

The photos snapped on September 17 from the entryway of @d1d2c3’s home show their cat clinging desperately to their leg, even chomping onto their pant-leg as @d1d2c3 is just trying to put on their shoes and head out the door. Apparently, @d1d2c3 didn’t escape the encounter unscathed:

▼ “Now I’ve got a hole in my calf”

Sometimes love hurts, but when the pain is coming from such an adorable kitty, sometimes you just gotta take it!

Source and top image: Twitter/@d1d2c3 via BUZZmag