Forget collecting 100 coins, we want these 16 figures instead.

Eating chocolate is an urge we’re far less likely to respond to by asking “Why?” than “Why not?” Even still, we’re always happy to have further justifications for completely abandoning any pretense of willpower, and once again we can thank Japanese confectioner Furuta for giving us one.

Furuta has previously (and successfully) tempted us with its Choco Egg series by including Pokémon and Animal Crossing figures inside the chocolate treats. Now they’re going straight to the top of the Nintendo video game hierarchy though by simultaneously appealing to our love of sweets and the Super Mario franchise.

A grand total of 16 different designs are hiding within the Choco Eggs, covering 32 years of gaming history from the original NES Super Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s latest mainline installment for the Switch

Starting off with the classics, here are original Mario (back when he still wore red overalls and a blue shirt), Tail/Raccoon Mario (from Super Mario Bros. 3), Cape Mario and Yoshi (Super Mario World), and Wing Cap Mario (Super Mario 64).

Other highlights of the collection include Mario with F.L.U.D.D. (Super Mario Sunshine)…

…extra-fuzzy Tanooki Mario and Cat Mario (as seen in Super Mario 3D World)…

…and even Super Mario Maker’s Builder Mario. Plus, as is often the case, there’s also a final, secret version that Furuta isn’t spilling the beans about.

Much like with capsule toys, you won’t know which figure you get until you buy the Choco Egg and bite into it. However, this is a rare case in which there doesn’t seem to be a single dud in the entire lineup (even the weird Rock Mario has a certain undeniable charm). And even if there is a certain element of randomness, you can be 100-percent certain that you’re getting chocolate and a Mario figure, so we can’t imagine having much to complain about.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but with previous Furuta Choco Eggs usually costing about 200 yen (US$1.90), we think the Super Mario ones will be a great way to spend some pocket change when they come out on December 14.

Source: Furuta via IT Media
Images: Furuta
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