Tweed kimono

Gorgeous samurai styles can be delivered to your door as the maker of the famous samurai chino pants now offers international shipping for his entire collection.

Japanese designer Koukichi Murata is the ninth-generation owner of a textile dyeing business in operation since the 1800s. These days, he’s keeping the samurai spirit alive by selling traditional Japanese clothing and accessories, making a name for himself worldwide as the creator of a unique pant that combines the casual comfort of chinos with the beautiful style of warrior clothing.



Called the Chino-bakama, the hakama-style pants come in black, brown, beige, charcoal or blue and retail for 9,500 yen (US$91) each. Previously available only in Japan, the designer now ships these around the world, via his new online Etsy store.

Murata has now extended his range for men to include a new kimono that blends traditional Japanese style with a classic western fabric. The Tweed Men’s Kimono uses real tweed in five different patterns, making the garment well-suited to western-style accessories like scarves and hats, and while they can be matched with traditional geta sandals, they look equally good when paired with boots too.

Tweed kimono

▼ There are five tweed patterns to choose from.


▼ Each handmade kimono retails for 15,000 yen.

As men’s kimono can often be too short for taller men, these have been given extra length to fit men from around 177 centimetres (5 feet 10 inches) to 185 centimetres in height. The extra fabric also makes these suitable for shorter men with a larger build.



In addition to his original creations, Murata also stocks a range of used kimono and haori kimono jackets that range in price from 6,000 – 7,000 yen. Be sure to stop by his Etsy store for all the details!

Source, images: Etsy/HitoikiKimono