We bought some of these special Cokes to see how easily they turn into Christmas presents!

Last week we saw that Coca-Cola Japan was getting ready to release bottles that transform into having a Christmas bow with just the pull of the wrapper.

Now those special bottles have been put out for sale, and we got our hands on some as quickly as possible to see exactly how this Coca-Cola Christmas magic worked.

▼ The special wrappers are available on the 500 milliliter
bottles of original Coke and Coke Zero. Be sure to look for the snowflakes!


▼ Instructions: (1) Peel label, (2) Pull the tape,
(3) The ribbon is done! Make it and give it as a gift!


▼ Well that doesn’t seem so hard. We decided to try it ourselves.
Step one: peeling the label.


▼ So far so good!
Step two: pulling the tape.


▼ Step two-point-five:
Keep pulling that tape!


▼ Step three: The ribbon is done.
Hey, it actually worked! We finally did something correct for once!


▼ We tried out several bottles, though we have to admit the red ribbon on the
original Coke is way more festive than the black one on Coke Zero.


▼ “Oh my god, we actually did it!”
“Yeah! No one can say we’re failures at everything anymore!”


▼ Here’s a video of Mr. Sato turning a Coke bottle into a bow-wrapped gift.
Maybe if we become his friend online he’ll give it to us?

▼ Here’s some other members of the RocketNews24 team transforming their
own bottles. The simple joy of getting a Christmas bow cannot be understated.

Of course, we weren’t the only ones impressed by the Coca-Cola bow-bottles. Many others online shared how cool they thought the design was, including popular YouTuber MatPat from Game Theory, who just happened to be stopping over in Japan:

▼ His bow doesn’t end up as pretty as ours,
but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

If you want to create your own Coca-Cola bow-bottle, then be sure to get one quick, they’re a limited-time product only. Though the bow is intended to make the Coke into a fun present to give to friends, you’re more than welcome to chug it down after giving it to your best friend: yourself.

Plus at 140 yen (US$1.36) each, it’s a lot cheaper than buying $150-worth of celebrity-named Coke.

Reference: Coca-Cola Japan
Images: ©RocketNews24