Umbrella includes romantic red string of fate, while the bag has a special secret.

It’s hard to talk about hit anime Your Name without gushing over how beautiful it is to look at. Along with unabashedly emotional storytelling, breathtaking environmental artwork is a hallmark of director Makoto Shinkai’s films, and now the visuals from his latest theatrical feature are inspiring some gorgeous fashion items.



Available from anime fashion label Super Groupies, the first two items are a pair of elegantly colorful watches based on the film’s memorable scene in which a shooting star streaks across the heavens. Both are priced at 14,800 yen (US$130), with a watch face that references the two pieces that break off from the meteorite, while the night sky, as it appears at that moment in the film, is printed on the extra-long band designed to be wrapped around the wrist twice.



▼ Both casings are made from stainless steel, but differently colored.


When it’s time to head out the door, you can carry your stuff in Super Groupies Your Name shoulder bag.


As pictured above, the morning sky of Gifu Prefecture, where female lead Mitsuha lives, can be seen. But this 9,800-yen bag is hiding a secret…


It’s actually reversible, and can be reconfigured to show the nighttime sky of Tokyo, hometown of male lead Taki.


▼ The grip’s leather portion is leather, while the white straps are synthetic leather and the bag body itself polyester.


Finally, if the weather is looking rainy or harshly sunny, Super Groupies also has a Your Name umbrella, priced at 6,800 yen.


Once again, the dual nature of the film’s story is factored into the design. One panel of the umbrella shows a view of the Tokyo skyline, and directly opposite it, you’ll find the mountains of Gifu.


Japanese folklore often describes lovers as being bound by a red string of fate, which figures both thematically and literally into Your Name’s narrative, so you’ll find an appropriately colored cord to tie the umbrella shut when not in use.



All of the items can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (silver watch here, gold watch here, bag here, and umbrella here). Delivery for the bag and umbrella is scheduled for late April, and you’ll have to wait just a little longer, until late May, for the watches to reach your door.

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