Pikachu’s new companion looks weirder than we expected, but there might be a good reason for it.

Back in August, we learned that Mister Donut’s Pokémon doughnut series would be returning for another year, and though they announced that star favourite Pikachu would be returning with Psyduck making its debut, we were yet to find out what the Psyduck doughnut would look or taste like.

Well, that all changed today when the chain released its very first image of the Psyduck doughnut, and we’ve gotta say, it looks weirder than we expected.

Look at it the wrong way and it looks like a cyclops love heart, or maybe a foot in a sock, but this is actually Psyduck, in side profile. Admittedly, the character’s head shape and large beak (or bill, if you believe it’s modelled on a platypus) make it a relatively difficult Pokémon to recreate in doughnut form, but we’d been expecting to at least see both eyes, like the Eevee and Jigglypuff doughnuts that appeared in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

▼ Even the Pikachu doughnut, which debuted in 2018 and will be returning again this year, makes eye contact with us in front profile.

While we’re slightly disappointed to learn that we won’t be making full eye contact with Psyduck’s mysterious eyes, it’s probably for our own protection, so we don’t fall prey to its psychic powers. Regardless of how it looks, though, the doughnut promises to bring a smile to our face with its whipped cream filling and caramel custard-flavoured coating, which are the same flavours used in the Pikachu doughnut, only this one is embellished with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Another item that promises to bring a smile to our face is the Poké Ball Ring, which looks a lot tastier than the chain’s Poké Ball doughnut from 2020. The soft choux pastry is coated with strawberry chocolate and white chocolate, and topped with sweet and sour strawberry sugar.

▼ The Poké Ball Ring will retail for 237 yen (US$1.57) for takeout or 242 yen for eat-in, while the Pikachu and Psyduck doughnuts are priced at 302 yen each for takeout or 308 yen for eat-in.

Like last year, the character doughnuts will be joined by some cream-filled doughnuts in cute Pokémon packaging. This time around, we have the Snorlax Manzoku Chocolate & Whipped Donut, which is a fluffy choux pastry inspired by Snorlax’s big and full belly, containing a chocolate whipped cream and whipped cream filling, with a dusting of cocoa sugar on top.

▼ “Manzoku” means “satisfied”, and can be used to describe a feeling of contentment after a meal, so it’s apt that the sleeve depicts Snorlax with a full stomach.

The Snorlax Manzoku Custard & Whipped Donut shows Snorlax deep in slumber, with Psyduck resting on — not in — its belly. The fluffy choux pastry doughnut will be like biting into the giant pocket monster’s stomach, with custard cream and whipped cream inside, and a doughnut sugar topping.

▼ Both doughnuts are priced at 205 yen for takeout or 209 yen for eat-in.

As the new doughnuts will be on the menu while stocks last until the end of December, Mister Donut is taking this opportunity to introduce us to its Christmas doughnuts for this year. Cleverly called “Pon de Wreath” instead of the usual “Pon de Ring”, there are three to choose from, each priced at 172 yen for takeout or 176 yen for eat-in.

Pon de Wreath Chocolate

Pon de Wreath Strawberry

Pon de Wreath White

Similarly to past years, the Pokémon doughnuts will be joined by a collection of exclusive, limited-edition goods, which can only be obtained by purchasing a “Goods Set” containing doughnuts.

The Sleep Blanket measures around 68 by 100 centimetres (27 by 39 inches) and is adorned with images of Pikachu, Psyduck, Snorlax, and Slowpoke.

▼ The blanket wraps up on itself so it can be stored inside the Poké ball and used as a small cushion.

The Relaxing Lunch Box measures around 16 by 8.1 by 8.4 centimetres in size, featuring the same Pokémon as the Sleep Blanket, in a matching design.

The two-tiered lunch box comes with a set of chopsticks, a stretchy band to keep the tiers together, and a cute drawstring bag to carry it all in.

In addition to the goods above, Mister Donut will be releasing a Relaxing Stroll Pouch as its “Children’s Goods” option.

Measuring in at 14.5 by 12 by 2 centimetres, this pouch can be worn over the shoulder or clipped on to your waistband, as shown below.

In order to receive the above goods, you’ll have to purchase one of two sets. The Goods Set, priced at 1,950 yen for takeout or 1,960 yen for eat-in, contains two Pokémon doughnuts of your choice, an original box and paper carry bag, and either the Sleep Blanket or the Lunch Box (you can request which item you prefer).

The Children’s Goods Set is priced at 1,500 yen for takeout or 1,505 yen for eat-in, and contains one Pokémon doughnut of your choice, an original box and paper carry bag, and the Stroll Pouch.

If you want to collect ’em all, you’ll have to purchase two Good Sets and one Children’s Goods Set, which will set you back 5,400 yen, provided you opt for takeout on all orders.

While that’s a lot of money to spend on doughnuts, when they’re this exclusive, and accompanied by limited-edition goods you won’t get anywhere else, it’s not such a high price for fans to pay. The theme is centred around relaxing for the holidays, so we can start unwinding for the year from 8 November, when the collection becomes available at Mister Donut stores around Japan. While the doughnuts are scheduled to be on the menu until late December, the Goods Sets are only available in limited quantities, so you’ll want to get in quick to to get your hands on them!

Source, images: PR Times
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