Enjoy a 99-yen (US$0.99) highball with your pizza too!

Kentucky Fried Chicken may be the traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Japan, but this year it faces some competition, as a pizza chain plans to open its first branch just outside of Tokyo, in the city of Sagamihara this Saturday, December 24.


99 Fresh NY Pizza, a pizzeria specializing in – you guessed it – New York style pizza, will open its doors on Christmas Eve, selling a variety of pizzas by-the-slice, sides, and beverages. In true New Yorker style the pies will be 18 inches (45 centimeters) in diameter, which by Japan’s standards is a pretty huge pizza.

A slice of plain cheese will cost only 99 yen, with other varieties such as potato & sweet corn, meat lovers, and buffalo chicken costing from 198 to 249 yen. However, for its opening weekend only, select specialty pizzas will also be just 99 yen a slice, or 1,000 yen for a whole pie! Considering that a plain large size (31 centimeter [12 inches]) pizza from major chain restaurants in Japan will set you back about 2,000 yen per pie, even the regular-priced menu at 99 Fresh NY Pizza is a great deal.

▼ Left to right: cheese, potato and sweet corn, meat lovers, cheese lovers, teriyaki chicken lovers


The side menu includes items like buffalo or barbecue chicken wings, green salad, and coleslaw. Their drink menu offers a number of Coke products, tea, coffee, and juice, plus a selection of alcoholic beverages as well, including the “99High ball” for just 99 yen.


If you’re in the Tokyo or Kanagawa area and are wanting to switch things up a bit for this year’s Christmas dinner, then this just might be your place.

Restaurant information
99 Fresh NY Pizza
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Sagamihara-shi, Midori-ku, Hashimoto 6-1-24 Ajinoshokusaikan Hashimoto Building 2nd floor
神奈川県相模原市緑区橋本6-1-24 味の食彩館はしもとビル2階
Open 10:00 am-8:00 pm

Source: Shoya Group via PR TIMES
Images: Shoya Group (edited by RocketNews24)