Cats of Twitter unite to give you some warm fuzzies.

While those of you below the equator are out hitting the beaches and soaking up some sun, we here in the northern hemisphere are still burrowed deeply into piles of blankets and seeking refuge next to heaters or under kotatsu. If you’re needing help warming yourself from the inside out, here are some cats of Twitter to help out with that. Friends down south, of course you’re welcome to enjoy too. Just be sure to have a cool drink on hand so you don’t overheat!

▼This person seems to have a strange cat-like apparition in their home.

▼ Exhibit A: Sagging sofa. Exhibit B: The cause.

▼ In our hearts I think we all wish we were this guy right now.

▼ When cats don’t look like cats, AKA three snakes and a slug.

▼ This cat’s got his own tongue.

▼ We should all be like this guy and learn to find comfort with what we have.

▼ But maybe not this much comfort…

▼ “This furry apparition for some reason just started biting onto the cooking chopsticks, so I couldn’t focus on cooking.”

▼ Like a scene from a movie – a surprise kiss!

▼ This cat can teach us all a lesson in patience.

▼ A little smile can help brighten anyone’s day.

▼ Try as I might I just can’t tell them apart.

▼ When you come home from the store with something you don’t remember buying…

▼ “Boxes aren’t just boxes to cats. They’re memories.”

▼ Here are some cats who are experts on staying warm.

▼ Just be careful not to melt your whiskers on the heater!

Whether they’re protecting our prized tech gadgets or teaching us to appreciate the simple things in life, cats know exactly how to put a smile on our faces and warm our hearts, so be sure to return the love to the cats in your life today!

Source: NAVER Matome 
Featured image: Twitter/@_Estrela_star