The “glamorous camping” experience comes to Okinawa with luxurious tents and amazing views that will have you wanting to stay here forever.

We’ve featured some unusual accommodation options from around Japan in the past, and now our continuing quest to uncover some of the country’s most unique places to stay has led us to the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa. On Yanagi Island in the northern region of Nago, Nanma Mui Nature Resort has recently opened up a glamping (“glamorous camping”) option for its guests.

Run by a friendly Japanese couple who are passionate about healthy living, the resort has a number of beautiful accommodation options overlooking the emerald-green waters of the Haneji Inland Sea.

Okinawa Prefecture recently invited us to try out the glamorous camping experience for ourselves, and during our time there surrounded by the beauty of wildlife and nature, we decided we never wanted to leave!

Guests at the resort can choose from three different accommodation options. There’s a sprawling four-bedroom cottage that comes with a lounge, kitchen, and spacious rooftop area, providing a great home-away-from-home for families or groups of friends.

There’s also a large yard and a covered pagoda area for enjoying meals with a view outdoors.

One of the best things about staying in the cottage is the fact that it comes complete with private access to the water and a jetty.

There are also four separate apartment-style residences for visitors to stay in, but what really sets the resort apart from others on the island is its unique glamping option, where guests can choose to stay in a spacious bell-tent in the great outdoors.

Nanma Mui has a number of bell tents set up on its grounds, all with a deck and outdoor seating so guests can enjoy a view of the sea.

Each tent also comes with a private toilet and shower, beautifully crafted from local wood.

▼ There are one-person tents…

▼ …two-person tents…

▼ …and a family tent, along with a romantic suite for couples.

The decorative touches in the tent are a great reminder of Okinawa’s sub-tropical climate, with hibiscus flowers on your pillow…

▼ And some creative ikebana (ike-banana?) flower arrangements.

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy modern conveniences like a fridge and a coffee machine!

▼ For dinner, guests can dine at Restaurant Cafe Mun…

▼ …or enjoy an indoor BBQ.

Staff provide you with everything you need for a BBQ feast, including handmade rice balls and lots of Okinawan-bred aguu pork, a well-known specialty of the area.

▼ There are plenty of beverages to go around to help you unwind too!

In the morning, you can get up early to enjoy the birdsong and wander around the beautifully made paths in a relaxing tree-filled environment.

▼ All guests are free to walk down to the private beach at anytime too.

The resort offers a number of activities for guests like craft classes, trekking courses, and a “sea-kayak” experience.

The two-person kayak is unusual as it’s propelled by the use of pedals and a sail, taking guests out to get a closer look at the rocky outcrops in the sea.

▼ Back on land, guests can eat breakfast outdoors at the cafe or on their private deck.

We couldn’t resist getting back under the covers for a lesiurely breakfast in bed in our room!

If you’re lucky, the owners will show you where to find their secret banana plant so you can enjoy the fresh flavour of a locally-grown island fruit, which is a rare find in Japan, where bananas are usually imported from Ecuador or the Phillipines.

The glamorous camping experience comes complete with free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public spaces too.

▼ To see what lies in store for you at the resort, take a look at their promotional video below:

If you’re looking for a unique place to get away and relax in a nature-filled environment, Nanma Mui Nature Resort is a great destination. Prices start at 23,544 yen (US$211.95) per person per night, including breakfast, with reductions in price for stays of two or more people.

To get in on the glamping trend in Okinawa, check out their website and reservations page for more details.

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