To some, the celestial bodies look more like a sexy body in hot pants and panties.

With a solar eclipse taking place earlier this week, people across the world looked to the sky for images of the event and were filled with wonder at the beauty of the cosmos, as well as respect for the scholars and science involved in predicting the occurrence. Oh, and then some people got kind of turned on by how sexy the whole thing looked.

Specifically, it was an image from NASA, retweeted by Japanese Twitter user @inaniwan, that aroused interest with its arousing positioning of the sun and moon.

“NASA released this image of the eclipse,” tweeted @inaniwan, “but the more I look at it, the more it’s starting to look like a strip of thigh bulging out between some hot pants and knee-high black socks.”

If your powers of imagination, or perversion, aren’t quite powerful enough to for you to see things as @inaniwan does, other Twitter users were quick to add extra visualization cues to communicate the interpretation, such as doubling the image to produce a pair of shapely legs.

@inaniwan mentions hot pants in his original tweet, but some instead saw the eclipse as a zoomed-in upskirt shot, which led to panties once again showing up in an unexpected place.

While commenters were filling out their fetish bingo cards, someone also voiced the opinion that the photo looked like a one-piece bathing suit paired with knee-high socks.

And finally, as is so often the case, some sexy fan art was quickly created.

Because really, there’s nothing that Japanese illustrators can’t anthropomorphize.

Source: Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@inaniwan