Irregularly shaped berry is extraordinarily adorable.

Generally speaking, Japan likes its fruit flawless in appearance. Bruises, blemishes, or other irregularities ensure a piece of produce will be the last picked for purchase, possibly remaining on the store shelf until the market closes, like we saw last year with the infamous penis peach.

But sometimes, even Japan can forgive a uniquely pieced shape of fruit, as long as it also happens to be adorable.

Japanese Twitter user @mugi411’s older brother came back from a shopping trip with a pack of strawberries, and as the family was munching on the treats, they came across one that wasn’t shaped anything like a normal strawberry, but instead had the silhouette of a cute kitty cat. The likeness was uncanny enough as-is, but to really accentuate its feline features, @mugi411 added an illustrated face, whiskers, and a ribbon to the photo.

Strawberry Cat quickly inspired some fan art

…but things got really creative as other online commenters gave their own artistic interpretations of the unusually bulbous strawberry, with some seeing it as various forms of aquatic life, including Studio Ghibli’s anime fish-girl Ponyo.

The international community even chimed in, with English-speakers offering their takes, which included mythical creatures such as unicorns and mermaids, as well as mundane (though adorable) dogs,

And then there were the really high-concept entries.

As captivatingly cute as the kity strawberry was, however, @mugi411 still are it, describing the flavor as “sweet and delicious.” After all, for feline companionship she has an actual cat.

Now we’re wondering if she also has one of those strawberry-shaped cat hoods they sell out of capsule toy vending machines.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@mugi411