Fans are speculating about the campaign offers and freebies they’ll receive during the new burger campaign.

McDonald’s has been on a mission to keep customers coming back to their Golden Arches in Japan, with a series of awesome limited-time specials ranging from Calpis-flavoured milkshakes to Sanrio and Pokémon-themed McFlurries.

Now the fast food giant is tantalising us all once again with the announcement that their next collaboration will feature the well-known Granblue Fantasy franchise, thanks to the fact that the word “Granblue” is a perfect fit for the “Gran” line of burgers released by McDonald’s in April this year.

▼ There are three “Gran” burgers in the range: the Gran Clubhouse, the Gran Teriyaki and the Gran Bacon Cheese.

Fans of the Granblue Fantasy mobile game – which was so popular it received its own anime series a year after its 2014 debut, followed by an anime film earlier this year – were thrilled to see the key visuals for the upcoming campaign, which was first revealed with a post on the official Granblue Fantasy Twitter account.

▼ Here the male protagonist, Gran, can be seen holding a Gran burger, with his best friend Vyrn the red dragon by his side.

The announcement was also made a short time later on the official Twitter account for McDonald’s Japan, with an image depicting Gran and female protagonist Djeeta as McDonald’s crew members, with Vyrn and the blue-haired Lyria by their side.

Both tweets contained the same message:

“The “Gran” and “Granblue Fantasy” collaborative campaign will commence from 11 October. It will be held at McDonald’s outlets across the country (excluding some outlets). We plan to make details public in the next few days.”

With no other information currently available except the formal announcement and key visuals, Twitter users were quick to speculate on what kind of exciting things might be on offer during the campaign period.

“They’ll definitely have to give away some sort of freebie with this!”
“I wonder if they’ll be offering Damascus steel with every burger purchase?”
“I’m hoping to get some Hihiirokane!”
“With visuals like that, I’ll definitely be saving some of the paper placemats.”
“OMG Can you imagine if they release a set of Granblue Fantasy Happy Meal toys?!”

The pre-release announcement has generated a lot of excitement in Japan, with people already saving up their yen to splurge on the burger campaign, which is set to run from 11-31 October.

Whether you’re a fan of Granblue Fantasy, burgers, or limited-edition McDonald’s-branded anime merch, October is the time to get your fix at the Golden Arches in Japan.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/McDonaldsJapan