Poor sexual performance, heavy debts considered punishable by death in website-inspired Husband Death Note.

Netflix’s recent live-action Death Note adaptation was met with a less-than-unanimously-favorable response, but another venture that takes inspiration from the anime/manga franchise has seen an upswing in its popularity this year. The Husband Death Note (“Danna Death Note” in Japanese) website takes a page from Death Note’s plot by giving frustrated women a place to air their grievances against their husbands, and also openly hope for their death as payment for their transgressions and shortcomings.

▼ The site’s URL actually contains the phrase “Danna shine” (“Die, Husband”) instead of any Death Note reference, but either way the tone is clear.

There’s no minimum requirement or maximum limit of husbandly sins for those calling on the cosmos to snuff their hubby out of living existence, and the sheer number of posts on the site has now prompted publisher Takarajima to release a physical, printed version of Husband Death Note tales.

▼ The author is simply listed as Shinigami (“God of Death” or “Grim Reaper”).

Among the quotes to be found in the book:

“When I wake up in the morning, I hope to find your body cold and lifeless.”
“Come home as a corpse!”
“You’re still alive? Please, stop beating immediately, heart of my husband.”
“I’m planning on suing you and the woman you’re having an affair with for financial reparations, so get your asses to work and make some money, you stupid chimps.”
“You have no technique in bed, You’re worse at sex than an elementary school kid.”
“Sell your kidney so we can finally get out of the financial debt that’s loomed over us ever since we got married.”
“You’re nothing more than an ATM to me, you piece of shit.”
“I can’t forgive my husband’s domestic violence or immoral behavior.”
“Anyway, die, Husband.”

Takarajima says it decided to release the book because it shares the website administrator’s belief that unhappy and infuriated wives need a place to vent these feeling in order to alleviate their stress and loneliness. The hope is that by getting those negative feelings out of their system, the book can make readers’ lives more bearable, even as it encourages them to wish for the death of someone else.

Granted, at least some of the complaints are likely tongue-in-cheek grumbling sessions, and not borne of an actual desire to see a man die. However, the allegations of extramarital affairs and domestic abuse in some of the stories seem more like the sort of things victims should be discussing with a divorce attorney or the police, as opposed to blowing off steam on the Internet about.

But should your complaints about your husband be too small to get law enforcement involved,  yet too great to just grin and bear it without also wishing he’d drop dead, Husband Death Note can be ordered here through Amazon for 1,188 yen (US$10.80).

Source: Narinari.com via Jin
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