Six patterns skirt Tokyo Disneyland’s no-cosplay rule, feature characters as famous as Mickey and as forgotten as Clarice.

With all of Japan’s domestically produced animation, some people might think that it’s an either/or choice between liking Japanese culture and liking Disney cartoons. That’s not the case at all, though, as Disney’s Japanese fanbase is immensely passionate, and now has the option to wear that passion on their sleeves…as well as the rest of their summer kimono.

Japanese fashion brand Poneycomb Tokyo has just released a brand-new line of yukata (lightweight summer kimono) featuring some of Disney’s brightest stars. A total of six designs are available, starting, of course, with Mickey Mouse, who’s accompanied by some pineapples for extra warm-weather appeal.

Since these are women’s yukata, Poneycomb also wants to offer some extra-girlish options, which is where Minnie and Daisy’s patterns come in.

Learning how to tie the obi (sash) for a yukata can take some practice, but Poneycomb’s Disney offerings sidestep the issue by coming bundled with what’s called a tsukuriobi, which consists of an easy-to-put-on waistband and a pre-tied ribbon that you slip onto the sash.

Donald Duck’s starry deep-blue yukata has a cooling motif, just the thing for Japan’s sweltering summer days/nights.

▼ Alternatively, the Goofy/Max yukata lets Goof Troop fans bask in warm colors.

▼ Finally, Clarice the chipmunk’s pattern combines an often-forgotten Disney character with a seldom-used color for yukata.

The six kimono are identically priced at 12,960 yen (US$119), which is a fairly reasonable price for a yukata/obi set, and can be ordered directly from Poneycomb Tokyo online here.

While Tokyo Disney Resort usually has a pretty strict no-cosplay rule, these should be acceptable, since you’re not actually dressing as the characters themselves, and it’s hard to imagine a better outfit if you’re planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea this summer.

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