The latest movie from Toei Animation’s PreCure series showcases every single magical heroine from the series’ 14-year run. Let’s get dancing!

Pretty Cure (also known as “Glitter Force“) has consistently ranked as one of the top-ranked kids’ anime since it debuted back in 2004, where middle school classmates Nagisa and Honoka teamed up and transformed into the bad guy bashing Pretty Cure duo Cure Black and Cure White. The little girls and boys who watched their adventures are all grown up now, and some of them are even starting families of their own.

One of the fun things about PreCure is that other than a couple of sequel series, each series of the franchise reboots totally anew with a fresh cast of bright-eyed, rainbow-haired girls to take up the Cure mantle. That doesn’t mean the previous Cures are forgotten, however! Since 2009 there have been special crossover movies where all of the PreCure team up and vanquish an especially big baddie.

As the franchise continued, however, the cast began to bloat – and the franchise officially put a halt to All Stars movies in 2016, at which point they had to give speaking lines to girls from eleven separate series. Instead, they elected to just keep crossover films to the three most recent shows. But then the first heroines recently made a cameo in the currently running arc of the TV series, Hugtto! Precure

With the sudden return of Nagisa and Honoka, as well as the appearance of their limited-edition lingerie, all bets were off. On July 1, viewers were treated to a special snippet from the upcoming Pretty Cure movie (scheduled fr release in October) shown at the end of the most recent Hugtto! episode. While the five girls from Hugtto! were front and center, long-time fans will be delighted to see Cure Black and Cure White up at the front too, and they brought friends… A LOT of friends…

▼ Pictured here are all 55 existing Pretty Cure magical girls, grouped by series

Have you ever seen this much sparkly, lacy glamour in one place? All the five-year-old girls in Japan (and a couple of other demographics too) are probably losing their minds about this video.

▼ The video starts with predictable shots of current Cures Ange, Macherie, Amour and Etoile

▼ But soon enough, series favorite Cure Black pops up to jam along with Hugtto!’s lead, Cure Yell

▼ Panning out we see an ocean of multi-colored maidens all strutting their stuff

This mashup of every character in the franchise, plus the nostalgic 2004 anime opening, topped with the gorgeous rainbow lights and dynamic dance moves had the children’s anime circuit ooh-ing and ahh-ing with delight.

“Everyone’s joining the fray! This is the cream of the crop, right here!”
“It’s so nice of them to treat regular viewers to this sequence, not just people who buy a cinema ticket! Thank you, staff… I’m grateful beyond words…”
“Everyone’s so cute!”
“I think this year might be the only time I want to actually go to see the movie. I loved the first PreCure so, so much, but when they started adding all the other girls I lost interest… But I still want to go see it now.”

The movie hits theaters on October 23, but we have plenty of magical girl content right here to slake your hunger for glittery girl power: check out our reporter Seiji’s five rules of magical girl anime, and don’t forget the luxury experience of the Precure hotel in Nagano prefecture.

Source: Hachima Kikou, Youtube/プリキュア公式YouTubeチャンネル
Images: Youtube/プリキュア公式YouTubeチャンネル