Check out his YouTube page for the amazing drumming, stay for ways to donate to western Japan disaster relief.

Less than a month after eight-year-old Senri Kawaguchi surprised the world with her drumming ability well beyond her years, yet another young prodigious percussionist presented himself. His name is Torataro and even though he’s still in kindergarten he manages to tear it up on the drums.

His most recent video which has been going viral is a medley from X Japan’s “Kurenai” to his own unique rendition of the “Anpanman March.”

The video has been steadily racking up likes and heaps of well-earned praise such as:

“What a cool drummer, and only 6?! I look forward to more from you in the future.”
“His sense of timing is amazing!”
“That is cool beyond words.”
“A six-year-old on drums is almost as amazing as a six-year-old on Twitter.”
“Cool! I was surprised.”
“Please be my little brother!”

Torataro started playing the drums at the tender age of three and these humble beginnings were even documented and put on YouTube.

As if gaining the skills necessary to play music at such a level wasn’t enough, it’s equally impressive that Torataro and kids like him have the upper body strength not only to continuously pound on the drums like that but to do so with such a high degree of accuracy.

▼ How accurate? Here’s Torataro (age 4) playing the high-speed “Kurenai” alongside the virtuoso mascot Nyango Star

I always fear that kids like this do so at the expense of other valuable skills, especially social ones, that ought to be developed at such a young age. But not so with Torataro, it seems.

Just take a look at this little message to the world he put together, in which he pledges money from his popular videos to the people suffering from the devastation caused by heavy rains in western Japan. It closes with his take on Baby Shark, which according to my two-year-old daughter, is the greatest song ever written.

▼ By going to the actual YouTube page there are several links on where anyone can make donations.

So, not only is he a genius drummer, but he’s more socially aware and active than many adult politicians these days. It kind of makes me re-evaluate the macaroni and glitter picture of a cake my own kindergarten-aged child made the other day.

▼ Torataro doing his part at the Disaster Volunteer Center

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great depiction of baked goods and all, but really she hasn’t done squat for disaster victims around the world. After I ground her for not doing more to end global suffering, rest assured she’s got a date with that bald guy from Whiplash.

Source: Twitter/@dr_tora_, YouTube/6 y/o Drummer Torataro
Top image: YouTube/6 y/o/ Drummer Torataro