If there’s one lesson that the Dragon Ball anime has taught us in recent years, it’s that you should never cross a God of Destruction (without cup noodles).

Lord Beerus: Universe 7’s God of Destruction, who has the power to eliminate planets with a single sneeze….when he’s not taking a decades-long snooze.

First appearing as the main antagonist in the 2013 film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beerus subsequently became a supporting character in the Dragon Ball Super anime. He’s one of the few beings for whom even prince-of-all-Saiyans Vegeta has shown visible fear in response to his seemingly limitless destructive capabilities. Thankfully, whenever his temper is flaring, he can usually be appeased by whatever delectable peace offering Bulma and the others can conjure up.

▼ Happy God of Destruction

It appears that last week Beerus was in such a good mood that he even decided to grace us lowly mortals with his divine presence. Twitter user @sun_ikuto shared a picture of him sporting a delicate expression that suggests he was either experiencing the aftereffects of a luxurious but raw deep-tissue massage OR contemplating which order to blow up Earth’s continents in (the latter being statistically more likely):

“Dude, Beerus-sama is at my Chinese friend’s house!”


Other net users promptly posted side-by-side comparisons of Beerus with his animated form, and delighted in leaving comments such as the following:

“Please take care not to make him angry or else the Earth is doomed!”

“Also, be careful that he doesn’t sneeze. I will be sure to send over some cup noodles, so please don’t let him destroy the Earth.”

“[English] ‘The cat’…have some respect. That’s Lord Beerus.”

“I LOLed when I saw this. Those clothes are handmade, right? It’s the real Beerus-sama. The time of animal cosplay has come (LOL).”

“Meanwhile I’ve got Karin-sama [Korin] at my place:”


▼ Karin/Korin, as seen in the Dragon Ball anime

We should mention that Beerus’ design is supposedly modeled after Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s own pet Cornish Rex cat, just as a former pet served as the inspiration for Korin as well. But shhh! Don’t tell Lord Beerus if you value your own existence–we highly doubt that he would be pleased hearing that he’s anything remotely similar to a lowly house cat.

Source: Twitter/@sun_ikuto
Featured image: Twitter/@Golem_13