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Just try to get through this video without smiling and yawning.

As I sit at my desk writing this, I’m still in the middle of my shift for the day. Rays of warm spring sunshine are coming through the window, though, and as much as I love my job, it’s taking all my willpower to not stretch out under the sunbeams and take a nap.

But I’m not giving in to the temptation! I’m a full-grown adult, and naps are strictly for infants and the elderly, right?

Here with a compelling counterpoint is Sakura the Shiba Inu. Star of her own Japanese YouTube channel, Sakura generally leads an active life, as she’s got dozens of videos of herself hiking through Japan’s mountains and rafting down its rivers. All that outdoor activity takes energy, though, and not only does Sakura play hard, she sleeps hard, as shown in this candid peek at her recharging with a midday snooze on the tatami floor mats.

If it wasn’t for the cameraman moving the lens from one angle to the next, you could be tricked into thinking this isn’t a video but a still photo, as Sakura lies completely motionless.

▼ Call a vet, and this is the easiest canine dental checkup ever.

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All of this giggle-inducing adorableness, though, makes sense when you think about how tuckered out Sakura must be after adventures like this kayaking expedition.

Still, there’s a limit to how deep even Sakura can slumber, and eventually her owner’s close proximity causes her eyes to open.

▼ “Ah, come on, just five more minutes, please?”

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Right away, though, she curls up again and looks to be on her way right back to sleep, which is I’m sure what most of her fans do right after they finish watching this video.

Source: Grape
Images: YouTube/sakura shiba