West tells everyone he’s “creating the convenience of the future” and posts 30 mysterious photos of Japanese shopping spree.

Kanye West is many things to many people. For some he’s a rapper, for others he’s the husband of Kim Kardashian, and for others he’s a fashion designer shaking up the footwear world with too-small Yeezy slides.

One thing he’s definitely not, though, is boring. He dabbles in anything and everything that feeds his creative juices, and is so passionate about his vision that nobody really knows what his next move will be.

Just a few days ago, he gave us all an insight into the workings of his mind when he sent out this mysterious tweet on his official Twitter account.

Saying simply, “When you’re creating the convenience of the future and you send the team to Japan for research”, the image above appears to show a number of items that can be purchased from a Japanese convenience store. Does this mean we can expect to see a chain of Yeezy Marts opening up in the future?

▼ The next tweet does little to satisfy our curiosity.

▼ Aaaaand… neither does the next one.

You might want to strap yourself in because West posted no less than 30 of these tweets in quick succession on his Twitter account. And without any further comment from West regarding the images, it’s hard to tell exactly what this “research” was that they were conducting.

▼ These “towel duster” rags are found in just about every household and school in Japan.

It looks like West definitely procured some interesting items which are worth taking a closer look at. Arranged into a variety of categories, this image appears to show deodorant, sunscreen, razors and hair accessories.

Here we have more hair goods, including some anti-dandruff shampoo at the top.

And here we have body gels, craft cotton buds, nail files, and a boxed razor, which looks just like the ones given to guests staying at hotels.

West appears to be attracted by the minimalist packaging on a lot of these goods. Perhaps he’s looking to Japan for design inspiration for his own range of personal care products? Not sure what he’ll be doing with the Hyaluronic acid at the bottom of the image, though.

▼ The white tones and minimalist packaging seem to be a theme here…

And now we move on to the oral care section. Does this mean we’ll be brushing our teeth with Yeezy Paste soon?

There’s even a section for chemist goods, which contains bandages, anti-itch cream, and antidiarrheal medicine.

Here we have an array that includes kitchen towels, sanitary pads, and laundry bleach.

▼ Dishwashing liquid, aluminium foil, stationery, and toilet goods.

▼ And now we move on to hardware and electronics.

▼ Socks and jackets.

▼ Sports drinks, milk, yoghurt, packaged food, and… a plastic spoon and straw?

▼ Seems like West is pretty keen on gloves.

▼ Safety equipment like goggles and rope. Clothing line inspiration, Kanye?

▼ Camping utensils, or as one Twitter user put it:
For when Kim won’t let you back in the house“.

▼ Torches

▼ Muji products, which are known for their minimalist aesthetic.

And by the time he sent out this final tweet, showing flame-proof pouches purchased from Tokyu Hands, fans were pleading with West to stop torturing them with the torrent of uncaptioned images.

Judging from these images, it looks like West’s team did a pretty good job of picking out some of Japan’s best products for this collection. So what will West be doing with it all? More than likely, the vast array of Japanese goods here will be serving as design inspiration for DONDA, Wests’s creative company, which he says is all about simplifying and aesthetically improving “everything we see, taste, touch, and feel”.

Given the minimalistic aesthetic of DONDA’s creative projects, it’s clear to see the connection between West’s vision and Japanese design. But with everything from sanitary pads to hardware and antidiarrheal medicine serving as his inspiration this time, we’re curious to see what “the convenience of the future” means in a post-Yeezus world.

Source: Twitter/@kanyewest
Featured image: Twitter/@kanyewest