Obvious homage lets your pet dress up like a members of the anime’s cast other than its mentor cats.

As a transitional season, autumn can often present fashion quandaries. For example, what should you do if you’ve already dressed your cat in its Pokémon kitty costume for Halloween, but feel it’s still too early for feline Christmas outfits?

Thankfully, Japanese novelty goods manufacturer Qualia has a solution: the timeless look of a schoolgirl uniform.

The cute sailor suits are actually soft cloth collars that close with Velcro, allowing for a secure yet comfortable fit. Granted, there’s no pleated skirt, but the short cape-like shoulder covering and chest ribbon make it immediately clear what the inspiration behind the design is.

Six different color combinations are available, starting with the blue/red and blue/light blue versions seen above. However, if you’re an anime fan, once you get to the third pairing…

… you might start to think you recognize these hues, because they’re an exact match for the cast of Sailor Moon! In addition to the three versions shown above, which match up with the Sailor Senshi battle outfits of Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars, Qualia also has a Sailor Jupiter-like green and pink collar, an orange and blue one for Sailor Venus, and even a pink and red one for Sailor Chibi Moon.

The nylon collars, which are sold under the generic-sounding official name of Cat Sailor Suits, aren’t officially licensed pieces of Sailor Moon merchandise, but the colors schemes align with the anime heroines much too closely to be a coincidence. You might be wondering why Qualia would stop at just six members of the cast and not produce collars saluting Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, but the Cat Sailor Suits are being offered as gachapon-style vending machine capsule toys, for which a half-dozen variations is generally considered the limit before things get too random for people to but them.

Perhaps at some future date Qualia will add collars for the Outer Senshi, like we’ve seen with late-to-the-party lingerie sets for Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Still, with as cute as the existing six kitty pseudo-Sailor Moon cosplay outfits look, there’s really not a bad one in the bunch, especially when they’re priced at just 300 yen each.

Source: Qualia via IT Media
Top image: Qualia
Insert images: Qualia

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