Side characters Sailors Uranus and Neptune take center stage for new bra and pantie set designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind.

As the high-end branch of merchandiser Bandai, online shop Premium Bandai offers a wide variety of toys and interior decorations for the discerning fan, like Pokémon PC wrist rests plushies and Kirby cushion that let the Nintendo character swallow your head whole. But Premium Bandai also offers clothing, and it’s currently taking orders for a new Sailor Moon lingerie design.

This isn’t the first time for the iconic magical girl anime/manga franchise to inspire intimate apparel. However, two things set this new design apart. First, instead of saluting just one character, it’s inspired by the series’ only romantic pairing where both partners are Sailor Senshi: Sailors Uranus and Neptune.

In contrast to the vibrant fabrics of previous Sailor Moon bras and panties, the Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Bralette and Shorts Set goes with softer colors with less sheen. The striped pattern features understated illustrations of Uranus’ Space Sword and Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror, the weaponry the pair uses when battling the forces of evil, as well as the Transformation Lip Rods, which let them transform from their ordinary schoolgirl alter egos into their Sailor Senshi forms.

Another key difference is that while the new lingerie set is as playful as its predecessors, it prioritizes comfort over sexiness. Yes, it has femininely stylish frills and ruffles, but the designers’ primary concern was for the lingerie to be comfortable and practical, so much so that Premium Bandai refers to it as “relaxingwear.”

The set is priced at 5,076 yen (US$45), and is available in medium, large, and, extra-large sizes. Orders can be placed here through Premium Bandai, with shipping scheduled for February.

Source: Premium Bandai via Anime News Network/Jennifer Sherman
Images: Premium Bandai