Ever gone rifling through old photographs, only to find a freaky character staring at you? This Disney fan has.

Who doesn’t love Disney theme parks? Even the bitterest and most stone-hearted of old misers can have their heart moved by a good experience at one of the global parks.

And because the parks have been going for decades, you can look back on your memories and savor those sweet emotions all over again, and that’s exactly what @donalddaisy77 was doing with her own Disney snaps from 2001.

The tweet reads:

“Disney offered a service where you could choose a cartoon character to greet, and so here’s my treasured photo of me on a fire truck, escorted by Goofy.
But…Yikes LOLOLOLOLOLOL Hold on a second LOLOLOLOLOL It’s been 18 years and I never noticed this LOLOLOLOL”

Yes, while @donalddaisy77 perched angelically atop a fire truck with gallant Goofy by her side, danger was lurking not too far away… In fact, it was peering through one of the nearest doors, right out at the viewer.

Who was this creature, laying in wait in 2001? How close did @donalddaisy77 come to mortal peril on that sunny, cheery day as a child? Thankfully, she remains a diehard Disney fan even in adulthood, so she had the connections to bust this mascot mystery once and for all.

“I showed this photograph to the Imagineers doing character greetings today. According to their knowledge, this is Minnie.”


Mickey’s adorable lady counterpart and likely girlfriend?

▼ What lies behind that cute smile…?

As @donalddaisy77 recalled more about her fateful encounter, it seemed that Minnie had chosen a particularly opportune time to glare balefully out of the door…Apparently there were very few other guests in Toontown at the time, meaning the opportunity to catch this photo would have been missed entirely if not for @donalddaisy77.

As commenters swarmed the photograph, they drew obvious comparisons:

Several replies asked “what is Minnie even DOING there?” to which our hapless heroine could only answer “I don’t know! The fact is I didn’t notice until today, too, so I have no clue! All I can do is laugh at it!”

One commenter added an extra level of creepy to the proceedings.

“It’s like Minnie’s saying “Hey…Don’t you want to take your photograph with me….?”

Quoth @donalddaisy77: “I didn’t even know she was there for all these years…I’m so sorry LOL I can’t stop laughing.”

The commenter comforted her, assuring her that Minnie would probably be happy just to be noticed after all those years. The concept of the Minnie in the photograph being a sentient entity in its own right that can feel joy is one we’d prefer not to comment on.

▼ Thank goodness the Minnie in the photo was from the 00s and not the 50s.

While the picture attracted plenty of attention and screams of both terror and laughter, eventually @donalddaisy77 called for an end to Minnie’s Horror Campaign.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten anyone. I just thought Minnie was just so cute and kind of cheeky here. :D I think combined with the fact the photograph is so vintage it made it even funnier.”

This surreal Minnie shot is likely just an opportune snap of a character about to emerge from a door, or perhaps adjusting the costume: but don’t let that distract you from the smorgasbord of other creepy, weird happenings at Tokyo Disney parks.

Source: Twitter/@donalddaisy77
Featured image: Twitter/@donalddaisy77