Some major league hairstyles here.

There are a couple cool gems in the Pokémon series that once you see them you can never unsee: everything from an extra “monster” in the Pokémon Center to mysterious “hats” and “lips” on certain characters.

And now thanks to Twitter user Shanna Shi, there’s a whole new batch of odd Pokémon images that some people won’t be able to forget. Only this time it’s from possibly the most unexpected place imaginable: major league baseball players’ haircuts.

▼  Her thread starts off with a pretty good resemblance,
with both Pokémon and player alike having the fin-hair look.

▼ And yeah, these two have definitely got the head-floof thing going on.

▼ Oh wow. That hair is more Pidgeot than person.

▼ Such luscious locks!

Wow, it’s pretty incredible that there were a couple of baseball players with long-lost twin Pokémon! Huge props to Shanna Shi for pointing them out and—






Oh. Wow. There’s more. 
But hey! It takes a brave man to pull off the Kricketune.

▼ I feel like that Exeggutor haircut is casting hypnosis on me.

▼ Everything about this is majestic.

Okay, phew! At least now we’ve reached the end of the list. There couldn’t possibly be any more than—






▼ Oh my god it’s like I’m playing Gold/Silver for the first time again!
There’s a whole new map! So much more content! And look at those side-puffs!

▼ Ponyta’s fire only burns those it doesn’t trust,
and we’re guessing the same is true of Devon’s hair too.

▼ Anthony Rizzo repping the look for Canada’s official Pokémon.

▼ It’s a pity Mike is a pitcher. That Lopunny hair would
make him an unstoppable jumping force in the outfield.

▼ So that’s how Swinub evolve into Piloswine!

▼ We assume that Lance wanted to go full Salamence but,
like all trainers, had to start with Bagon.

▼ Drifloon and the Drifloon-hairstyle both have the same weakness: wind attacks.

And that’s only scratching the surface! Shanna Shi put together over forty of these images, so be sure to check out her original post on Twitter for more.

Of course some others quickly jumped on the bandwagon posting side-by-sides of their own:

▼ Someone get a Pokéflute in here!

▼ Huh, Johnny Damon’s looking a little rounder
than usual there on the left… oh. Wait.

▼ Take note Haunter cosplayers: it’s all in the tongue.

▼ And, uh, Lickitung cosplayers too.

At the end of the day though, we’re just left with one burning question: which fact is more proof that the universe is taunting us? The fact that so many baseball players have Pokémon hair, or the fact that somebody actually beat Pokémon Sun/Moon only using Magikarp?

Source: Twitter/@shanna_shi via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@shanna_shi