A special set of Domino’s-branded chopsticks comes free with each order.

Domino’s is the number-one pizza delivery chain in Japan, with the most sales, the most stores, and the most creative offers in the industry (yes, this is the chain that once delivered romantic kabedon wall-pounds to customers).

Always looking outside the box for ways to stay ahead of the competition, Domino’s has now come out with another zany idea to get us all hungry for pizza, and this time it involves a pie that’s best eaten with chopsticks.

Before we get to the inevitable question of ‘how the heck do you eat a pizza with chopsticks?‘, let’s take a look at the why first. According to Domino’s, their new pizzas, called the “Ura Domino’s/Overflow Series“, are so overflowing with ingredients that you need chopsticks to stop the toppings from falling off the slice while you eat it.

How overflowing can a pizza be to warrant chopsticks? Well, the chain says the pizzas contain SIX TIMES the usual toppings, and they cover the following favourites, as chosen by customers in a recent survey.

▼ Four Overflow Meat Quattro

▼ Overflow Quattro with Meat and Vegetables

▼ Overflow Arabiki Sausage

▼ Overflow Bacon

▼ Overflow Corn

▼ Overflow Garlic

▼ Overflow Pancetta

▼ Overflow Italian Sausage

▼ The pizzas in the new series are priced from 1,150 yen (US$10.10).

So now we’ve covered the why behind the new chopstick recommendation, and the pizzas involved, let’s take a look at the how. It’s not an exact science, but according to this image from Domino’s, you can use the chopsticks to push the ingredients back onto your slice as you pull it away from the pie.

You can also use the chopsticks to pick up any toppings that do spill, to keep you from “getting flustered” when they fall, and they come branded with the Domino’s logo, in case you need to justify your unique choice of eating utensil to anyone who questions you.

And because eating pizza with chopsticks is a pretty unconventional idea, the chain has enlisted Miyako Hirabayashi, a teacher of ‘demon etiquette’, to give us pointers on how best to use the chopsticks in a series of upcoming videos.

▼ In the videos, Hirabayashi faces off against a trio of rappers, who believe that pizza is best eaten with your hands.

Hirabayashi believes a lot of people in Japan are reluctant to eat spilled food in front of others, even if it’s just been dropped in the pizza box, so she hopes more people will use chopsticks to enhance their enjoyment of eating pizza, and gobble up every last bite of it. While we’re not sure what pizza purists and Italians would have to say about all this, we’re willing to give it a try once the pizzas are released on 15 November.

Because, as you all know, when it comes to pizzas, we’re willing to try anything.

Sources: Domino’s Pizza Japan, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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