Enako continues to reign supreme as queen of the cosplayers in Japan.

Cosplaying can be a profitable endeavor. Just ask Japan’s most popular cosplayer, Enako. She blew Japanese celebrities away when she announced on a recent television show that she earns up 30 million yen a year (about US$276,000).

▼ Enako appearing at Taipei Game Show 2019

That’s mostly thanks to the sales of her private merchandise. Enako is so popular that, when she appears at conventions, fans swarm her just to get a photo of her in costume, and her merchandise sells out of stock in just one day. She’s essentially achieved idol-level popularity, so it’s no wonder than she’s been asked to appear on television, in commercials, and even on the cover of fashion magazines.

In fact, just in the last month, she’s appeared on the cover of not one, not two, but three magazines. Fans rushed to buy the February 18 volume of ELFy, a fashion and beauty magazine, because not only did it contain exclusive photos of Enako in new costumes and a special limited-edition clear file featuring her photo, but if you bought five copies of the magazine, you’d also get a special poster of the cover.

But that’s not all: Enako also appeared on the cover of the first volume of the brand new ELFy Girl magazine, a female cosplayer-focused magazine, which just came out at the end of January.

▼ One of Enako’s outfits during the photoshoot for ELFy girl

And she appeared on the cover of the recent volume of gravure magazine Young Gangan, released February 15, in which she wears the Hestia costume, from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, which she wore at Winter Comiket last year, along with other revealing, and cute, cosplay outfits. Her photoshoot is also the top story of the magazine, which is evidence of her success as a cosplay idol.

She’ll even be releasing a special set of photos from the shoot, which ended up not being used in the magazine, that fans can purchase to add to their personal collections.

And though it hasn’t been released yet, Enako even has a fourth magazine cover in the span of a month under her belt. Fans also have her upcoming appearance in Playboy Weekly to look forward to, in which, of course, she’ll also be featured as the top story.

Part of the photoshoot for Playboy was done in Miyakojima, a remote tropical island between Okinawa and Taipei, featuring Enako in what promises to be a beautiful wedding dress.

Between magazine covers and collaborations with major manga publishing companies, Enako has proven that she still has a hold on the hearts of many, and she isn’t letting go any time soon. We can only look forward to what she has in store for us next!

Source: Matome Naver
Featured Image: Twitter/@ELFy_GOT