This teabag-shaped envelope that looks like a clutch bag should get you plenty of attention just by carrying it! 

Don’t be surprised if you attract some stares with this unique item from Japanese novelty shop chain Village Vanguard, because it’ll look make you look like you’re carrying around a giant tea bag.

Yes, the yellow package definitely looks like a tea bag from a certain familiar tea brand, but it’s actually a large envelope from stationery manufacturer cobato.

▼ The product is called the “Teabag-style Document Envelope” (700 yen [US$6.32]), which we have to say is an accurate description.

The envelope is made of paper, but the surface is PP laminated, so it can repel water to a certain degree.

It’s also large enough to hold about 4 regular-sized magazines, measuring 240 millimeters (9.4 inches) wide by 340 millimeters (13.4 inches) long and 20 millimeters (0.8 inch) deep.

▼ It’s not only eye-catching, but large enough to be of practical use as a document bag.

You can even fit a laptop in it. Just think of the impression you’d make if you took out a laptop from what looks like a teabag package!

Since the item is designed as an envelope, you do have to carry it like a clutch bag, which means you probably won’t want to put too much stuff in it. Plus, as the envelope is made of paper, you wouldn’t want the contents to be too heavy in any case.

And if you want something that looks just as playful but not as big, cobato also offers a “Teabag-style Message Card” (500 yen).

▼ The message card is also expertly designed, making it both a practical and visually delightful way to send messages.

The teabag items are listed on Village Vanguard’s online shop, but at the moment, both the envelope and message card are shown as out of stock. You can register to get notified if and when they come back in stock, though, so they may become available again at a later time.

Our hats are off to Village Vanguard for once again offering something so zany and fun, and of course to cobato for making us smile with such a brilliantly designed concept!

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Top image: PR Times press release
Insert images: PR Times press release, Village Vanguard online shop product page [1], [2]

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