A popular tourist spot in Osaka becomes a real-life “save point” spot for a limited time for all gamers.

For many gamers, save points may be all too familiar. In-game save points not only saves progress but some may be used to help restart or even prevent the death of a character. Recently, there have been accounts of real-life save points or even merchandise surfacing, to try and help restart those at crossroads in their lives. Whether they can really do that is still a mystery but they have gained the attention of many.

In WHITY Umeda, a popular underground mall for those traveling to Osaka, the Izumi Hiroba (Fountain Square)’s fountain has become a save point. Not just any save point either. It’s called the Umeda Dungeon’s Save Point but this is sadly for a limited time only, because it is actually part of a the project called “Sayonara Izumi Hiroba no Punsui” (Goodbye Fountain Square’s Fountain). That’s right, the fountain will be removed due to mall renovations.

But why dungeon? For people going to the mall for the first time, navigating through to get to the fountain can almost be like walking through a dungeon quest in a video game. Only a true hero will make it through. And who better than Mr. Sato to take on this challenge? Determined to show the world that he is a true hero, he arrived at WITY Umeda, excited and anxious.

He soon found out the hard way that it wasn’t easy at all to locate this fountain. Even with the help of his trusted phone map and the floor guide, he scratched his head a few times, looking a little lost. He went back and forth, made his way to the East Mall, turned left and headed straight, hoping that he would finally make it to the fountain.

And…his heart almost skipped a bit when he noticed the sign up ahead and the unmistakable sapphire blue aura that matched many in-game save points.

There, before his eyes, was the fountain! He made it! The blue aura almost like a light-up, illuminating the statues and the water. It was beautiful…

Mr. Sato marveled at the fountain, listening to the sounds of splashing water, and almost forgot what he had come here to do! He quickly took out his smartphone, taking a selfie, saving this point with a photo.

Disappearing on May 6, people are encouraged to save their memories with a photo by the fountain. Though nobody knows whether save points can really help people restart their lives, as a photo or even a power spot, they are highly recommended. And if you can’t make it to Osaka in time before this point disappears, may we also recommend the real-life save point in a park.

Address: 〒530-0018 Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Komatsubara-cho, Umeda Chika-gai

Source, images: ©SoraNews24
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