When six slices of cheese just isn’t enough, it’s time to bring out the Crown.

In recent years, Burger King Japan has been releasing a series of “One Pounderburgers containing a whopping four beef patties, and now there’s a new one coming our way.

Called “Crown The One Pounder“, this monster of a burger is billed as a “new era double cheeseburger“, with extra slices of cheese added to the mix, bringing the total to six for this iteration of the One Pounder.

▼ Weighing in at approximately 502 grams (1.1 pounds), this burger packs a punch with 1,399 kilocalories of energy.

The cheese isn’t limited to the layers in between the beef patties, because the buns themselves are both packed with four kinds of cheese — a refreshingly sour Gouda, a mild Egmont, and a slightly sweet mozzarella cheese, which are added to the dough before fermentation, while layers of cheddar cheese are added before baking.

▼ To counteract all the cheese and beef, there’ll be pickles, fresh onions, and a slathering of ketchup and mustard for contrast.

The layers, from top to bottom, are listed as: Crown Buns with four types of cheese carefully baked by hand; Fresh onion, sliced in-store every day; Classic ketchup and mustard; Pickles for an accent in flavour; Six slices of strong cheddar cheese; Four Burger King flame-grilled 100-percent beef patties.

According to Burger King, a lot of the work involved in creating the “Crown Buns” needs to be done by hand, so they can only produce a third the amount, compared to regular buns. That attention to detail, along with the amount of meat in the burger, is reflected in the price, as each one will retail for 2,040 yen (US$14.22) on its own, or 2,340 yen as part of a set with fries and a drink.

▼ That price will also get you a free sticker while stocks last.

The chain recommends requesting a “half cut” when you make your order, which means staff will cut the beast in half for you, making it easier to eat. Having requested the “half cut” ourselves when trying the chain’s One Pounders in the past, we highly recommend this option as well. Not only does the half-cut make the burger easier to hold, it allows you to eat it from the middle, where all the juicy sauces reside, resulting in a more flavourful, decadent experience.

The new burger will be on the menu for a limited time and in limited quantities from 11 August, at branches around Japan excluding the Tokyo Racecourse branch. While we love ourselves a good One Pounder, eating more than one of them at a time can be the stuff of nightmares, so we’ve got our fingers crossed this doesn’t turn into another all-you-can-eat celebration.

Source, images: Press release
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