A snack so delicious, you’ll wonder what’s inside that makes your cat insane.

So, you’ve got your cat jeans on, but your cat still doesn’t love you. Maybe your next step is cat toys, or even cat treats. But as the Internet has recently taught us, some cat treats are a little too good.

Twitter user @my_9964 uploaded a video of their three-month-old cat enjoying a packet of Ciao Churu, a popular Japanese cat snack, a little too enthusiastically. Turn up your device’s volume to get the full effect of this kitty’s greedy rage.

“I’ve been attacked by a beast. There’s got to be something insane inside these Ciao Churu for it to make my three-month-old kitten insane.”


As you can see (and hear), this cat is so unwilling to give up the near-empty pouch that it growls continuously and threateningly, gripping it with its sharp feline teeth and claws. At the beginning of the video, the owner indicates that the cat’s claws are causing pain by yelling, “Itai! Itai!” (“Ouch! Ouch!“), and even at the end of the minute-long video, the cat still shows no signs of releasing its treasure.

Netizen comments on the video range from frightened to enamored, with some commenting on how the cat’s behavior actually spells out a good future for it.

“That’s a good cat. The size of its head, body, and paws, along with the thickness of its legs, indicate that it’s going to be a boss cat. It will grow to be strong and intelligent. It’s almost too cute to handle!”
“It’s delicious enough to turn it into a monster!? We should be afraid of Ciao Churu.”
“What makes it so delicious? The texture? The flavor? Scary…”
“This doesn’t just happen with house cats! I remember watching the old commercials and deciding to give it to a cat (it was feral, and maybe about a month old?). It had this deep, monstrous growl that you wouldn’t expect from such a young cat, and it even cat-punched me!”
“The Ciao Churu for dogs have the same effect, haha.”

Maybe next time your pet runs away and talking to local animals doesn’t help, you could try leaving one of these out on your doorstep.

Sources: Twitter/@my_9964 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@my_9964

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